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DIBS Worldwide
London, England
dibs : +44 (0) 1634 297359
email: info@dibsforensics.com

For Enquires in Asian and African Areas of the World Please Contact :

DIBS India
New Delhi, India
dibs : +91 9810306563
email: info@dibsindia.com
Website: www.dibsindia.com

DIBS Worldwide have offices in:
Europe - London
Asia - Delhi
Middle East - Dubai

If you would like us to contact you with further information please complete the contact form below.

Please contact me with more details about the following Items:

DIBS® Mobile Forensic Workstation
DIBS® Forensic Workstation
DIBS® Rapid Action Imaging Device (RAID)
DIBS® Turnkey Solution
DIBS® Training
DIBS® Investigation and Analysis Services
All DIBS® Equipment and Services
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