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DIBS® RAID - Rapid Action
Imaging Device
DIBS<sup>®</sup> RAID - Rapid Action Imaging Device

DIBS® Mobile Forensic
DIBS<sup>®</sup> Mobile Forensic Workstation
A complete mobile forensic laboratory for
collection and analysis of suspect data.
Supplied fully configured with advanced

DIBS® Advanced Forensic
DIBS<sup>®</sup> Advanced Forensic workstation
An advanced, but easy to use, forensic
workstation for the analysis of most
media types and compatible with all major
forensic software


DIBS® Interceptor
DIBS<sup>®</sup> Interceptor
DIBS® Interceptor Advanced for full capture,
decryption, decapsulation, analysis and
displayof wireless communications

Computer Forensics
Equipment, Training, Case Support and Analysis

DIBS® are regarded by the international investigative community as the definitive solution in computer forensics with offices in Europe, the USA, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

The group has activities in four main areas:

1 Computer Forensic Equipment
2 Computer Forensic Training
3 Computer Forensic Analysis
4 Computer Forensic Case Support

The origins Of the DIBS® group can be traced back to the early 90's and the first definition of the principles of the science of computer forensics. This Led to the development of a formalized methodology based on sound forensic pricciples, rules of evidence and legal requirements. These were applied to the development of the first commercially available range of advanced and integrated computer forensic tools disigned to collect, analyze and present computer based evidence to a court of law and sold under the trademark DIBS.

The group has three main areas of operation

1 The design, manufacture and supply of a range of computer forensic equipment that is in use throughout the world. Used by law enforcement, goverment departments and approved major corporations, under the trademark of DIBS® the international investigative community as the definitive solution in computer forensics .

2 The provision of computer forensic analysis services, performed to a standard that is accepted by the courts. All work is completed in a forensically sound manner and investigations are managed and directed by forensic practitioners with acknowledged worldwide reputations, accepted as expert witnesses. Work is undertaken on all types of cases in both the commercial and criminal arenas.

3 Training of investigators and others in computer forensic techniques and practice. Courses are offered at introductory and advanced levels for a wide range of trainees from varied backgrounds, Training is provided in the corporation's offices, or on-site where appropriate. In excess of 1000 trainees have successfully completed DIBS® training courses in computer forensics around the world.

Computer forensics is a burgeoning discipline. With the use of the DIBS® range of dedicated computer forensic equipment and the proven and accepted DIBS® methodology, civil and criminal computer crime cases continue to be prosecuted in courts across the globe.

The company reinforces its lead through its commitment to research and development. New and advanced forensic equipment has been added to the product range, and existing forensic hardware is regularly upgraded to ensure that clients use the finest equipment available.

The DIBS® group is recognised for its expertise in the field of computer forensics. Senior staff have presented papers internationally to government departments, forensic science services, and to police departments and Interpol. Additionally, they have advised overseas government departments at the highest level, and have assisted police forces and private corporations with the setting up of computer crime units.

The DIBS® group is acknowledged for its high standards of ethics and professionalism.

The DIBS® group of companies has offices in:

          Europe - London
          Asia - Delhi
          Middle East - Dubai

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